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New Resource Section: SSSE Work Products

The SE round table in Bern introduced a workshop like session to discuss pressing issues. For such initial session, a simple question had been selected: «How will a holistic Systems Engineering approach look in future, to overcome silos in organizations?»

The discussions resulted in a paper that is now published in a new resource section of

Thank you to Jesko Lamm who organized the event!

NAFEMS DACH Call for Papers - German speaking conference 25. - 27. April 2016

NAFEMS helds its bi-yearly conference for the German speaking region (DACH) on 25. - 27. April 2016. It launced the call for papers with a dead line to provide abstracts until 22. January 2016. The abstract should cover half of a page in German. Expected topics include Systems Engineering.
The final extended abstract is expected to be of 2 – 4 pages in German and to be ready by 25. March 2016. The presentation slot lasts for 25 minutes.

For further details please navigate to

SWISSED15: Registration still open

Registrations are still open for SWISSED15 and it is also possible to register at the event.

Many interesting talks and good networking opportunities are waiting for you.  To register go to this page.

SWISSED15 Brochure released

SWISSED15 Promotional Video


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